Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New trend in reading: the immersive experience: built-in video, audio and other interactive features

 Rather than writing another thriller, best-selling author, Jeff Buick decided to give readers an experience. Readers of One Child will be immersed in the story, learning more about characters, their interests, their connection and even their work places.

As the story unfolds, readers of One Child discover rich media content including audio, video and interactive social media allowing readers to interact and experience the book's characters in greater depth:
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube etc.) have been created for many of the characters as well as websites for the corporations in the book. If you send a character a message (by e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) they will respond directly to your message.
  • At the end of each chapter, readers are encouraged to discuss the happenings in the book online. A meeting place on Facebook has been created where readers can discuss their findings and chat about where they see the story going.
  • To set the tone, each new day in the story is greeted with a radio broadcast from WKIO News 510 AM, an fictitious online radio station, based in "New York".
  • Topping off the reader's experience are 4 segments of the book that have been dramatized by professional actors and filmed on a set resembling Afghanistan. You can view these video segments as you read the story on your computer or iPad.
Publisher's blurb: http://onechildonline.com/the-immersive-experience

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jaylen watkins said...

Social Networking sites like facebook, youtube etc are well known in the world.

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