Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Multidisciplinary Research in the Caribbean:  A Collaborative Approach

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The goal of this conference is to bring together the community of researchers and practitioners who are interested in studying the diverse issues of the region. The intention is both to assemble the existing community as well as to invite those with emerging interests in this area. A secondary goal is to focus the attention of the Caribbean community on the tremendous collaborative opportunities for research in the region.

Research in the Caribbean region disciplines depends on the availability of representative samples. These samples serve as fundamental references for generating new knowledge on the region, contribute to its growth and bring to forth a deeper understanding of the processes that created and shaped it, and to assess the availability of resources.

The program, therefore, aims to bring together multidisciplinary research being conducted in the region, offering opportunities to present a wide range of topics from diverse research areas, particularly to:

  • strengthen the scientific knowledge base on and about the Caribbean;

  • encourage collaboration and partnerships between Caribbean colleagues, research institutions and Caribbean partner organizations;

  • foster sustainable development and innovation in the Caribbean region;

  • contribute to the regional capacity development by engaging regional colleagues (e.g., students, professionals) and organizations in joint research projects.

Request is made for the participation from all disciplinary areas to make this conference a complete success.

Sub- Theme I:  Multidisciplinary Research in the Caribbean.

Sub- Theme II: Innovative Research in Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums

Sub- Theme III: Research in the Caribbean Sociology, Economics and Politics

Sub – Theme IV: Radical Change in Research with Digital Information Technologies and Knowledge Management.