Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wize.com - great site for product comparisons and reviews

If you are thinking about purchasing a product (printer, camera, television, tablet) and need to check available brands on the market or look at reviews Wize.com is the resource where this information is readily available. This free website collects millions of product reviews and brings them all into one place. This not only saves you time, but gives you rankings and personal reviews to help you make a purchasing decision.

This Wize.com does by harvesting feedback from all over the web and assigning a score to each product between 1 and 100 that is based on user reviews and rankings from independent sources. The advantage of this approach is that Wize is not selling the products so this information is somewhat unbiased.

For example, if searching for digital scanners, type in the word "scanner" in the search box, or go to the category lists (electronics, home and garden, health & beauty, computers & office, video games) to find your product of choice. Once the search has been conducted, on the the Wize review page searchers can view a  ranking score, with the top-ranked scanners first, and the number of recommendations and reviews  displayed prominently. Users are also allowed to sort by other filters (most recommended, newest, lowest price, highest price).