Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How mainstream media outlets use Twitter  recently published a report on how mainstream media outlets use Twitter
Among the findings of this new study:
·         The news outlets studied varied widely in the number of Twitter feeds or channels offered and in how frequently they posted. On average, the news organizations offered 41 different feeds. The Washington Post, at the top of the list, offered 98, more than twice the average. The Daily Caller, on the other hand, offered a single Twitter feed. The level of activity also ranged widely. While as a group the outlets in the sample averaged 33 tweets a day on their main organizational Twitter feed, that number ranged from close to 100 a day to fewer than 10.
·         These news organizations were much more similar in the focus of their Twitter activity. The vast majority of the postings promoted the organizations’ own work and sent users back to their websites. On the main news feeds, fully 93 percent of the postings over the course of the week offered a link to a news story on the organization’s own website.
·         News organizations rarely used Twitter as a reporting tool or to curate or recommend information that originated elsewhere. Just 2 percent of the tweets from the main news feed analyzed were information-gathering in nature—seeking views or first-hand accounts from readers. And only 1 percent of tweets studied were “retweets” that were reposted from a Twitter feed outside of the organization.

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