Friday, January 21, 2011

OCLC Report now available - Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community

A new OCLC report Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community, a sequel to the 2005 Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources, is now available as a free download. The new report provides updated information and new insights into information consumers and their online information habits, preferences and perceptions. Particular attention was paid to how the current economic downturn has affected information-seeking behaviors and how those changes are reflected in the use and perception of libraries.

The report explores the following issues:

  • Technological and economic shifts since 2005
  • Lifestyle changes Americans have made during the recession, including increased use of the library and other online resources.
  • How a negative change to employment status impacts use and perceptions of the library
  • How Americans use online resources and libraries in 2010
  • Perceptions of libraries and information resources based on life stage, from teens to college students, to senior Americans.

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