Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ALA Toolkit provides answers for finding a job in a tough economy

From the ALA website:
The “Getting a Job in a Tough Economy” toolkit is an interactive website with tips, narrative and suggested links and readings, comments, podcasts, and activities/checklists for new librarians and support staff, those looking to change position, people who have been laid off, and others who are having difficulty finding the right position. The site is a one-stop resource including and/or linking to information prepared for members from units within ALA, as well as linking to information about best practices in job searching from any field. The toolkit will shine a spotlight on the resources that ALA already offers, highlighting why they are especially valuable in the current economy.

ALA Job search resources on the site:

Especially In A Tough Job Market
How do I network?
How do I plan a job search strategy?
How do I uncover my strengths, talents, and work values?
What do I do if I’m laid off?
Where are the jobs?

In Any Job Market
How do I craft a resume?
How do I get ready for interviews?
How do I write cover letters?
Once I get the job, how do I negotiate for my salary and benefits?
What do I need to know about the job?


ICT said...

Very often, your cover letter will be the first thing that a recruiter looks at when he sits down to do that all-important first sift. It is your first opportunity to leave a lasting and favorable impression and as such it should work every bit as hard as your resume, if not more so, to convince him that you are the best match for the job. Remember, the employer is looking for a really outstanding candidate and if your cover letter is in any way sub-standard or does nothing to tempt him into reading your resume, then he will not waste any further time on your application.

Ian Ranghel-Smerdon said...

I agree with ICT. Covering letters are very important. The CV is the details which gets scanned through.


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