Thursday, August 21, 2008

Search engines to rival Google - Cuil and Sortfix

Sortfix and Cuil are two search engines created to rival "Google" in its dominance of retrieving exact matches to your search queries.

Here is my review of both:

SortFix on its FAQ page is described as “an intuitive graphical interface that isn’t only cool and fun to use but can also also boosts the users’ search skills and abilities”. I agree. SortFix uses what it calls a simple basket concept i.e. there are four search baskets at the top of the search screen titled Power words, Add to search, Remove and Dictionary. If a Power word is relevant to your search, drag it to the "Add to Search" basket. If a word is not related to your search drag it to the "Remove" basket. The Dictionary basket, as one would expect allows you to drag a word into that box and a short definition of the word is immediately displayed.

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Cuil (pronounced COOL) on its FAQ page, claims to have indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine. IMHO, Cuil offers the following advantages: a richer display of search results (images and texts), results displayed in a friendly, easy to read column layout, and more descriptive metadata added to search queries than Google. Google, however, wins the battle in terms of search relevancy and search results.

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Anonymous said...

i tryed them both
i prefer google so ill sick to sortfix as it uses google but in a better way


Ariel said...

Sortfix is very intuitive as you say and have also an advance mode which allows you to combine and disassemble phrases.
It actually save time, and as we all Know "time worth money".

Anonymous said...

thanks for meeting us sortfix
excellent engine!